ChitoSAM® 100



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ChitoSAM® 100



4" x 4" Single Ply

  • Product Description
      ChitoSAM™ 100 is a high-performance hemostatic, non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly, its ease of use is extremely effective. Works independently from the body’s normal clotting processes.

      Tear Anywhere Packaging

      Innovative package design allows for quick access to ChitoSAM™ 100, tearable from any side.

      Stops Bleeding FAST

      Due to the extensive history of chitosan use in emergency, military, and retail first-aid, ChitoSAM™ 100 is optimized to be easy-to-use, stopping the bleed fast.

      CHITOSAM 100

      Available in three sizes: 

      • ChitoSAM 100 3x4 Z-Fold (10.2 cm x 10.2cm)
      • ChitoSAM 100 3x6 Z-Fold (7.6cm x 122cm)
      • ChitoSAM 100 4x4 Single Ply (7.6cm x 183cm)


      Available for large wounds, in 3x4ft and 3x6ft sizes.

      Single Ply

      Smaller 4" x 4" single plyChitoSAM is able to be placed on wounds in addition to trauma gauzes.


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