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Cobra Rifle Chassis



M-700 Short Action



  • Product Description
      The Cobra Rifle Chassis takes full advantage of modern engineering, design, and manufacturing technologies, resulting in a level of precision that nears perfection. With its own original and classic lines, the Cobra has been described as "a work of art." The ultimate combination of simplicity and precision, the Cobra is milled from a single billet of aluminum, and is hard anodized for a beautiful and durable matte finish.

      The Cobra is available only as a non-folding, single-piece rifle stock. It has an excellent range of adjustability; comb height adjusts vertically with spacers, and the cheek rest moves fore-and-aft on a slotted mount. Length of pull and vertical placement of the butt pad are accomplished by spacers on a vertical rail embedded in the aft side of the butt. These simple adjustments allow you to set up your rifle to fit you, once-and-for all, and then lock it in place.

      Our V-block mounting system provides the most accurate mounting platform possible for round-bottom actions such as the Remington Model 700 and related designs. No bedding is necessary; you simply torque your barreled action in place, and it will shoot as accurately as the barreled actions potential allows. Includes one AI-type 5-round magazine.

      Actual Weight: 4 lbs.

      Please Note: Rifle Stock orders may take a few days to process. If you are in immediate need of a product, please contact us in advance to confirm availability of your configuration and color options.
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