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Hatchet Holster



Glock 19

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      The Hatchet Holster Mount is the best way to mount a holster to an Eberlestock pack, which makes it the best way to carry a handgun in the mountains or any other time you're wearing a backpack!  Because properly worn pack belts are high, direct-to-MOLLE type mounts make it difficult to draw your pistol. 

      The Hatchet fixes that -- providing optimal placement for quick access while being rigid enough to make for a very stable ride.

      The universal mounting system allows you to mount your existing handgun holster to your Eberlestock hipbelt or any 2-row MOLLE.  The mount includes screws to allow you to attach most Kydex and polymer holsters.

      Please note:  the mount is only the black triangular piece; you will still need a separate holster to carry your handgun. 

      You can also buy the Hatchet Holster Set which we have available for a full size 1911, Glock 19, Glock 23, and a standard revolver size.  We will be making Kydex holsters for more models of handguns in the future, be sure to reach out if you want to see an Eberlestock Hatchet Holster for a handgun that we don't currently have.
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